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TONGA is an exotic and beautiful travel destination in the South Pacific offering a wide range of holiday resorts, hotels, beach fales and self-catering holiday homes. There is something suitable for all kinds of budgets and vacation interests. Whether you are a single traveller backpacking around the islands, a family looking for an all-inclusive holiday package or a couple seeking romance and relaxation or maybe an adventure vacation, there is something to be found in Tonga.

There are four main island groups in Tonga, a nation whose small islands are scattered over a vast area of the South Pacific, with Fiji to the west and Samoa and Cook Islands to the east. Travel northwards from the main island of Tongatapu in the south and you will find the beautiful white sand beaches of the Ha’apai Islands. Further north is the Vava’u group, a cluster of islands that form a natural haven for international yachts. In the extreme north is the fourth, less-visited group of islands known as the Niuas. Though more remotely located and with fewer hotel accommodations, here the traveller is rewarded with tranquillity, uncommercialise local Tongan life, and beautiful vistas including the dramatic volcanic peak of Niuafo’ou.


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Sandy Beach Resort
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Ha’apai – Tonga

  • Enjoy a Tonga scuba diving adventure holiday – special prices are available for the upcoming Mother’s day holiday (more about the holiday here) – the rooms are limited, book now!
  • Take a fishing charter trip.
  • Relax on a white sand beach, with swimming and snorkelling
  • Take a whale-watching tour (Seasonal)
  • Go hiking or cycling and meet the friendly local Tongan people.

Travel to Tonga via one of several International airlines that include Air Pacific, Air Fiji, Polynesian Airlines and Air New Zealand. Once on the main island, Chatham’s Pacific airlines offer domestic flights to the various island groups within Tonga.